Projects – Having a go is better than studying!

FabLab (short for fabrication laboratory)

It is therefore very important to us that our students gain hands-on experience with common technologies such as laser cutters or newer technologies such as 3D printers in the FabLab. The most amazing ideas, of which our students can be very proud, have already been put into practice. A FabLab ("fabrication laboratory") is an open, free, high-tech workshop aimed at making industrial production processes for individual items available to private individuals. Typical devices are 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, milling machines and assembly stations, all of which enable students to produce a large number of different materials and workpieces ("make almost everything"). FabLabs make for the straightforward production of highly individualised single items or spare parts that are no longer available ("rapid manufacturing").


BeSt-SH in German stands for “Operations Management and Material Flow Management – Networked Agriculture in Schleswig-Holstein”. The aim of this project is to develop digital skills in training and further education. A particular focus in Schleswig-Holstein is on building a network with modern communication channels in order to demonstrate today's agriculture using digital applications. On 1 October 2019, the go-ahead for this experimental field in Schleswig-Holstein's agriculture was given with an opening event at the Grüner Kamp in Rendsburg. Up until 2022, the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture in Berlin has budgeted 45 million euros for the digitisation and modernisation of agriculture throughout Germany. A considerable proportion of this money is earmarked for establishing digital testing grounds and fields of experimentation on farms, in fields and in rural areas in order to further advance digitisation in practice. Around 3.5 million euros will go to the “Operations Management and Material Flow Management" – Networked Agriculture in Schleswig-Holstein (BeSt-SH) project over the next three years.