EU Project "Catching The Potential"


Start: 1.9.2019, duration: 36 Monate

First project meeting: 23./24. April 2020

Funded by EMFF (European Maritime and Fisheries Fund)

Partners involved: ProSea, Niederlande (Koordinator); EUROPECHE, Belgien; CEFCM, Frankreich; Pelagic Freezer-Trawler Association, Niederlande; BBZ am NOK, Deutschland; Secretaria Regional Do Mar, Portugal; CETMAR, Spanien; Novikontas Juras Koledza, Lettland; Enaleia, Griechenland; Bord Iascaigh Mhara, Irland

logo catching the potential
Setting the standard for professional fishing training

In order to guarantee sustainable fishing internationally, the issue of sustainability must feature prominently in the training of fishermen. The technical aspect of nautical training is more or less the same worldwide. In the fisheries sector, on the other hand, there are so far no uniform training concepts in Europe due to extremely diverse fishing practices and completely different training systems.

This has led us to establish the following project goals:

  • The development of general and uniform training standards in the field of sustainability for the entire fishing industry
  • The development of special concepts that take into account specific cultural and regional features

Within the three-year period, each project partner will develop at least one teaching unit (course) on the topic of sustainable fishing. The project partners swap courses and teach and evaluate them as far as possible.