Exchange project with Bydgoscz (Poland)

Project info

Start: since 2010, every spring

Duration: 5 days

Funding from the German-Polish Youth Office with deductible

Partners involved: Zespół Szkół Samochodowych in Bydgoszcz

What it’s about

Every year, 8-10 students in the pre-vocational years of the BBZ on the Kiel Canal meet with the same number of students studying motor mechanics from Bydgoscz in Poland. The two groups visit each other in their exchange partner’s home country, alternating every year.

The purpose

The purpose of this is for the young people to meet other young people by staying in each other’s countries – no more and no less. Communication is a major challenge for the students because many of them do not speak English. It is amazing to see how solid acquaintances or even friendships develop within the space of a week.

Schüler in Gruppenarbeit


A varied programme of activities supports getting to know one other. The students go on excursions to Wrocław and Świdnica in Poland or to Kiel and Hamburg, and get to know each other quickly through icebreakers, assertiveness exercises and team training, lots of free time, joint game evenings and talks about the respective countries.

The project is funded through application to the German-Polish Youth Office (DPJW).