The Vocational Training Centre on the Kiel Canal has a comprehensive range of educational opportunities which are offered at four different locations in the district – at the main site in Rendsburg (Herrenstrasse), the regional vocational schools campus at Kieler Strasse 35 and the satellites in Osterrönfeld and Hanerau-Hademarschen. Our school has 3,100 students, taught by 170 teachers. We incorporate different types of institution, where the teaching is on a part-time, block or full-time basis.

At the BBZ on the Kiel Canal, you can obtain both professional qualifications and all general qualifications – from the secondary school leaving certificate to the university entrance qualification.

We offer master craftsmen courses, inter-company training and other advanced training courses, mostly in collaboration with other training providers.

Hauptgebäude BBZ am Nord-Ostsee-Kanal, Europaschule
Headquarters Herrenstraße 30-32

BBZ am Nord-Ostsee-Kanal, Europaschule
Herrenstraße 30-32
24768 Rendsburg

Phone: +49(0)4331-43408-0

The premises in Herrenstraße in Rendsburg constitute the main school, where timber processing technology, metals technology, construction technology, electrical engineering, plant and air conditioning technology, nutrition and personal care, vocational preparation and further qualifying courses are taught. The administration is also located here. The building is centrally located next to the train station.

Landesberufsschulen Gebäude
Landesberufsschule Kieler Straße 35

Kieler Straße 35
24768 Rendsburg

Phone: +49(0)4331-70812-0

The Landesberufsschule Kieler Straße 35 in Rendsburg houses the regional vocational schools for information electronics technicians and bodywork construction technicians, the residential centre, and the administration of the regional vocational schools in the sponsoring association. The regional vocational school is a branch of the BBZ Vocational Training Centre on the Kiel Canal – European School, based in Rendsburg.

The regional vocational schools are located here for:

  • Woodwork and structural protection technicians
- IT electronics technicians
  • Bodywork and vehicle technology
  • Road building, road maintenance and sewer construction technicians 
Systems and air conditioning
  • Interior design, saddlery and upholstery specialists

Location Osterrönfeld, Grüner Kamp

The agriculture department at our satellite in Osterrönfeld (agricultural school) is part of the BBZ on the Kiel Canal, where approximately 480 pupils are taught every year. As part of the dual training programme, students are trained in the occupations of farmer, agricultural service specialist and fish farmer. The specialist college for agriculture and the technical college for farming are full-time schools which also belong to the department. Teaching is carried out in close cooperation with other agricultural institutions based at the “Grüner Kamp” in Osterrönfeld, such as the Schleswig-Holstein Chamber of Agriculture, Deula GmbH and Kiel University of Applied Sciences Department of Agriculture, as well as various professional associations and advisory groups.

The vocational grammar school – renewable energies – provides an education with job-related and general teaching content that meets the requirements for admission to a university degree or comparable vocational training (Abitur).

HDM: Hanerau-Hademarschen

Fachschule für ländliche Hauswirtschaft
College for rural home economics

BBZ am Nord-Ostsee-Kanal, Europaschule Fachschule für Hauswirtschaft im ländlichen Raum
Mannhardtstraße 3
25557 Hanerau-Hademarschen

Phone: +49(0)4872-908-0

The specialist college for rural home economics, based in Hanerau-Hademarschen, operates according to the maxim of “learning by doing”. The students run a residential centre and a school as a company. In doing so, they acquire the basic theoretical principles in class and then put them into practice. At the specialist college, the students acquire the next highest qualification to a degree, in this case a qualification as a works manager.