Pre-vocational training courses (BvBi)

Pre-vocational training courses (BVBI) prepare young people with or without a school leaving certificate for training or jobs. Young people who are not yet eighteen and do not have an apprenticeship attend Schleswig-Holstein’s pre-vocational classes (AV-SH) for one year or a maximum of two.

The different types of school within the AV-SH are geared specifically towards the needs of young people who are looking for a suitable training position or who want to obtain a school leaving certificate. The young people are looked after by a team of teachers, special educators and social education workers.

This also includes provision for young people with increased special educational needs in the areas of learning and emotional, social and intellectual development.

The pre-vocational training courses feature a high proportion of practical work experience in companies or workshops, alternating with vocational instruction.

There have been classes where German is taught as a second language since 2015. The young people have the opportunity to acquire language certificates and the first general school leaving certificate (Erster allgemeinbildender Schulabschluss) and are prepared for an apprenticeship by attending workshop lessons and taking part in practical work experience.